Order your custom Pocket Tide Charts

The best way to get started on your pocket tide charts is to give us a call at 910-616-5665.

Since we custom design each set of tide charts, it's easiest for us to talk in person to assess your needs and discuss your plans. When you call, you'll get a live person here in Wilmington, NC (okay, you might get our voicemail if we're really busy).


The process is quick and easy!

When you give us a call at 910-616-5665, here's what will happen:

  1. We'll discuss your plans and ask where you want tide data reported from. If you are planning to use your own art files for printing, we'll explain how to upload for us
  2. If design is required, we can process a deposit by phone or email you an invoice that can be paid online
  3. Simply email us your logo and/or any related photos for the design
    (don't worry - sometimes we can pull this from your website or facebook)
  4. We'll work up a preliminary layout and email to you for approval
  5. Once art is approved, simply pay the balance and your tide charts will be printed and delivered right to your door in about 2-3 weeks


How do you make a payment ?

If you prefer to make a payment online, we can send you an invoice generated by PayPal when the time comes. You can make a payment with any major credit or debit card, you do not need to be a PayPal member (although it's a good thing to be a member - better security when purchasing online)

Since tide charts are a very specific item and each piece is custom designed to your organization, the best way to get things rolling is to give us a call at (910)616-5665. We can handle everything by phone. You can even mail in a company check if you prefer.



Why is there a design and layout fee?

Formatting all the relevant tidal data and designing all these panels takes a significant amount of time. There is a flat-rate design and layout fee of $249 applied to all first-time orders, if you need us to design them. Of course, if you have your own designer you can supply the camera-ready artwork and we can just print them for you. Ask for file specs for providing your own artwork.

The design fee is a one-time fee, per year. If you order 2500 tidecharts in January and then re-order 2500 tidecharts in July, the second order will not require a design and layout fee (unless you request a new design to be composed). The following January, we can update all the tidal data for the new year and make some minor changes to your design for a flat rate of $199.

Get started today, just call us at (910)616-5665.