Pocket Tide Charts are a great promotional tool!

If you run a business in a coastal community, you know that lots of locals keep track of the tides. And the locals are your customers. Give them something useful while also promoting your business or brand. Pocket tide charts are the perfect promotional tool. Printed in full color on glossy paper, these are basically miniature brochures that your customers will want to look at often!

Once printed and folded, these tide charts are only 4 x 2.5 inches - perfect for pockets! They're also conveniently sized to take up minimal space on your countertop, or to carry in your own pocket to hand out to people you see around town.

And while they may be small while folded, these pocket tide charts unfold to reveal 16 panels of information! Twelve of the panels are used for your local tide data, the other four panels can be used to promote your organization. Or better yet, sell a panel or two as advertising space to another local business!



Pocket Tide Charts are great for: